26 June 2010

Sir Paddington

say hello to my little friend...

ok, so not he's not so little...more like 70lbs of love and muscle! :) his name is Sir Paddington, or Paddy, or Bubba. he joined our little family just about 2 weeks ago.

pastor boy (my amazing hubby), and i have been itching to get a dog for what seems like forever; even though in reality its only been 9 months. pastor boy decided we needed a dog that looked like it could protect me if i was walking it, or even our home. our apartment automatically ruled out rottweilers, dobermans, pitbulls, german shepherds, and any other breed that seems in the least bit threatening. however, boxers were not on the list! our good friends have 2 boxers, and they have only had wonderful things to say about the breed. we researched, and dug around for all the characteristics of this playful breed. being in youth ministry, plus multiple side jobs, neither one of us have the time to train, and raise a puppy. so we looked into adoption! We found a rescue based in santa monica called Take Me Home. they manage to rescue dogs out of shelters, and terrible situations, and place them in foster homes. they then get to know the character of the dog, and eventually use that place them in the perfect family!

we first saw paddington on the website. i fell in love with his innocent look, and big floppy ears. we had to fill out an online application, do a phone interview, a volunteer came out and did a home check, THEN we finally got to meet him! it was love at first sight, and he came home with us! he's still adjusting to our lives, we're constantly on the go, but most of the time, he is right along side!

don't be surprised if often there is a Paddington Post! he's our precious 2 yr old puppy! there will be photos of P, and exciting stories of our adventures...but i just wanted to introduce him today.

You know that if he likes Starbucks, he's in...

14 June 2010

a new day

once upon a time i was a blogger. blogged everything from what i ate for meals to the people i photographed; from anecdotal snippets of my life to embarrassing moments; from my journeys through the difficult times, to my stories of successes. and then, one day, i lost all inspiration. i decided i didn't want the whole world to know exactly what i was thinking…well, really more like one individual. so i quit. done. finny. no mas.

that was over a year ago. now, i have the itch to blog again. my creativity is still low on the scale, and my life is even more hectic, but i actually miss the moments that i had set aside with my computer. i miss pouring my heart out to void of cyberspace. i miss asking questions that sometimes are answered, and sometimes are not. so, i decided i need to start up again. blogging, that is.

i have a new passion when it comes to photography. don't get me wrong, i still love shooting weddings! i manage retroyourday.com , which is ONLY wedding photography. however, there is just something about little fingers & toes, bright innocent eyes, and single tooth grins that makes my heart leap. kids. children. i love them! their expressiveness, their unadultered joy, their unknowing adorability (yes, i just made that up…don't hate). anyway, these days i spend my time shooting small children. [with a camera…DUH!] and high school/college seniors. and families. i love it. i still shoot weddings through retro, and manage that company for a close friend. but i'm thoroughly enjoying building my brand. my own brand. that i'm happy with!

go check out my site…bohobellaphotography.com…click through it all. you can learn everything you need to know about me, my family, and my brand there!

leave me some love every once in a while on my blog too! :) it's kinda like getting a letter in the mail…it makes me all giddy when i get blog comments! (if you want to send me real, old fashioned mail, that works too!)

07 June 2010


...ill blog again