13 July 2011

justin & trish :: nashville headshot photographer

 our campus pastor at crosspoint.tv bellevue campus and his wonderful family are a total blessing to my hubby and me. not only do we get to hang with 2 of their 3 boys in our charge student ministry, we consider them amazing friends. both justin, and trish always take the opportunity to encourage my hard-working hubby. we are blessed to have family away from our families.

justin and trish have an incredible marriage ministry, refine us. based on their own experiences through the joys, and missteps in marriage, they have had an impact on hundreds of couples - newlyweds and veterans alike. the candor, counseling and support they provide are crucial to so many.  a couple days ago i received a text from justin asking if we could squeeze in a shoot before the whole davis clan left for various destination. we managed to grab an hour of magical light, a little romance, & some beautiful nashville scenery for some fabulous images.

coming from two people who claim to be totally un-photogenic...i think they're pretty darn beautiful! love you guys!

09 July 2011

cross point serving saturday :: nashville event photographer


the sound of the alarm at 6:30 this morning was an unwelcomed annoyance. there are VERY (major emphasis on VERY) few things that can get me out of bed at 6:30 on a saturday morning. however... cross point church's serving saturday's are definitely one of the reasons i am willing to drag myself out of bed. this fabulous saturday we rounded up nearly 700 volunteers & had the opportunity to spread out through various ministry sites including: mending hearts, lighthouse ministries, & preston taylor ministries. the culmination of it all was a family friendly block party! free for everyone, it was a great way to thank our volunteers, and to spread some love in preston taylor neighborhood. here are a few images from this wonderful, hot day of ministry, love, "& then some!"

the absolutely heavenly "hit & miss" ice cream. bradley freeman owns the portable company, and makes all his ice cream in old school, wooden bucket makers, turned by a john deere!

 the mo-town cover band 24/7 band was a perfect summer day beat.

bill and his crew from "nashville high lift" are amazing grillers, and provided incredible food for nearly a thousand people. they worked tirelessly from early this morning until we cleaned up around 3. we are so thankful for their heart for ministry!

i LOVE to see our youth jumping into ministry with their whole hearts! thanks lindsey!

bellevue's campus pastor, justin davis and 2 of his kids!

for more images, check out crosspoint.tv's flickr!

04 July 2011

Indy Day Bash

pretty much, since we've lived in nashville, we've heard tales of an independence day celebration of epic proportions...hosted by none other than our pastor & his wife. pete & brandi open their home to a very large number of their closest friends, and throw the bash of the year. we really had no idea the grandiosity of this fabulous event until we showed up tonight, and the people kept pouring through the door. i'm a bit introverted (although i tend to force myself otherwise), so the sheer volume of bodies was a bit overwhelming at first. as soon as i grabbed my camera, and started shooting though, i felt right at home. giggles, dance moves, and sparklers for the kids were a great start to the best 4th celebration we've ever experienced. top it all off with an awesome fireworks display set off my our men, and this one will definitely go down in the books! i only had time to pull a few images for tonight, but here's a glimpse!

more to come soon!