09 November 2010

...a wonderful stop in the oc

as everyone knows, pastor boy and i now live in nashville. this weekend i had the honor of shooting a wedding on saturday, and decided to make a mini vacation out of the weekend. it was a fabulous weekend - full of family, and a few friends...a wonderful chance to catch up with loved ones.

tonight (sunday) i had the privilege of hanging out with some of my junior girls from our previous church. about a year ago, while we were still at the church, some of jr. girls and i started a Bible study/accountability group, and its wonderful to see that they are still going strong! mostly, it turned into a scramble to finish homework, drink coffee, and talk about the things going on in our lives, but i honestly can say that even through the few hours we met each monday night, i saw life change in those girls. they are the girls whose faith has grown enormously, they are the girls who know that even though life hits us with unexpected bumps in the road, our God is sovereign, and ultimately holds all control. i was so very blessed tonight to sit with these young women and hear what they are struggling with, and what God is doing in their lives. between school, and friends, and church, and extra-circular activities, and family they have heaping plates of stress, homework, and drama. as they watch their friends breaking into party/drinking scenes, and simply walk away from their faith - i pray unceasingly that these girls will be able to follow Him through the craziness of high school and college, and come out on the other side relatively unscathed...as stronger, more spiritually mature, and more tightly bound than they ever could have dreamed. while i don't get to take part in their everyday lives anymore...and i desperately miss that, it's their commitment to Jesus that makes my heart glad.

with that, i am off to dreamland. goodnight bloggers...

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