13 December 2010

oh the weather outside is frightful...

...or is it?


white. glistening. soft. powder. quiet. blanket. flakes. clean. blank. crunchy. weightless. flurry.

this gorgeous form of precipitation made middle tennessee quite discombobulated this fine sunday. it seemed everyone was as much in awe as we so cal kids are! there were something like 400 traffic incidences reported on the roads today. schools are closed tomorrow. life seems to have slowed to a snails pace here in nashville. pastor boy and i canceled our plans in honor of the rest of the tennesseans who can't seem to figure out how to drive in the white stuff, and chose to go on a walk instead! we headed over to our dear friends' house (about a mile) with Sir Paddington in tow. all 3 of us were bundled up, in our coats, and i'm the sir wished he had gloves. being the snow-loving girl that i am, i could not bring myself to forgo the camera...thankfully my canon mark III is mostly weather-proof! here are a few shots from out excursion... by the time it really started snowing hard, we were safely in pat & mandy's living room drinking coffee and socializing about the snow. we ended up with about 6 inches as of 10pm tonight!

**disclaimer...there are lots of Z and the sir...we were the only people outside!!!

thanks for taking this one mandy!

the beautiful rowland home! i must say...there's nothing quite like twinkle lights in the snow!

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