25 May 2011

i am not them :: nashville photographer


we all do it. he's more ripped than i am. she's got better hair than me. their kids are better behaved than ours. their house is cuter than mine. how is she so skinny...i eat better than her!

for me, it's about my work. her images are dreamier than mine...they use lighting better than i do...i would love to have the clients they get...etc, etc, etc. seriously?! my degree is in photography, i've been shooting since high school, i know what i'm doing. that's not to say that there's noting else for me to learn...there's plenty! But i think i need to start by being somewhat content. i am not someone else. i am the person God created me to be. i have my own style. i don't need to emulate someone else's look! it's dangerous for me to continually compare myself to others. i start to get lost in a "i might as well give up because i'm not them" funk. i lose sight of why i do what i do (because i love it!). it starts to become a "me vs. them" battle within me.

Z is constantly reminding me...."you can look at others image for inspiration, but not to compare yourself to them. you are not that person...you are you." i think being a part of Crosspoint.tv has really helped me realize that people are appreciative when someone shares their gift. i have never before felt like someone was thankful when i shot an event, or documented a moment in our community. it was always just expected. but here, there is a true appreciation for creativity, and being willing to spend valuable time shooting. i'm thankful for that. every time i get a text from the creative arts director..."hey can you shoot at ---" or "thanks for sharing your gift, and art in our community" i know that i am truly valued, and appreciated for me.

i am me. i have my own style. i love 1.2mm. i am a pastors wife. i love vintage. i love to craft. i will always love to preserve God's glorious creations. I adore capturing moment when people are effervescent and real. i love my puppies. je t'aime my husband. and everything i do is part of who i am.

i am not them.

i will strive to be more like me everyday.

what do you compare yourself to?

who are you?

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  1. Love this Britt! Thanks for the reminder :). Miss y'all so much, and I'm glad to hear y'all are doing well! Hopefully we can make it out to visit sometime!

    -Ashley D.