21 June 2011

estate sale finds : nashville vintage photographer

estate sale: the best place to find truly vintage items for non-antique store prices! 

on friday morning, we had a couple spare hours and found ourselves at a nearby estate sale. 

i'm not gonna lie..
going through someone's house is a little creepy. it's almost like walking back through the life of someone you never knew. a bit of a strange custom, but in some ways it gives you a peek into the life of someone with so many years of wisdom and experience behind them. 

these are my finds for the day!

 this sweet old half-gallon is labeled with a hand written sticker "plain dandelion." i love the vintage feel of the jar and the label, and even the cork! i think i paid $0.25 for this one (these were at a hoarder's home, and everything was 75% off the sticker price.


this will be such a cute vase! $0.50

this 19 inch Peugeuot pepper mill was $8. on Amazon, it's listed for $140! granted, this one has a little wear and tear, but it's way cool.

i love old books. they're great for decorating, crafting, our television sits on a stack of them. if you've ever been to our house, you already know that. i especially LOVE when they have hand-written tidbits in them! even cooler when it's a text book! $1 each

1882. that's old.

wooden spools of thread make a great jar filler. this spool isn't wooden but the thread sure is cool lookin! $0.25

no post is complete without a pic of one of my pups! leo is mending nicely, and LOVES to be in the way.

 word is...every good southern woman needs a cast iron skillet. well, since i'm officially living in the south, and we're not going anywhere soon (unless God has other plans) reason says that i need a skillet. and i found one! even better, it's preseasoned! $6

 now this was the find of the day. (besides the pepper mill) (and, the skillet)

this is a set of drawers from an old card catalog. it was marked $18. i paid $4.50. it has the original "cole steel company" label on it. and it's a little beat up, but so fun! no, i don't have a plan for it yet. BUT it was totally one of those things that you absolutely cannot pass up. because some day...i will have the perfect space for it, and it will be filled with the perfect things! :)

 so cool. right?
now i'm on the hunt for an old card catalog cabinet. like the big ones that they used in libraries. all libraries have gone electronic. but i haven't been able to track one down that's not $300. any suggestions? (besides ebay, amazon, craigslist)

i'm off to finish a framed coffee bean bag. i'll get photos up here soon.

btw. pastor boy went for a run the other night, and came back with a table. now that's what i call an excellent run! :) we'll see what i'm inspired to do with it! can't wait!

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