09 July 2011

cross point serving saturday :: nashville event photographer


the sound of the alarm at 6:30 this morning was an unwelcomed annoyance. there are VERY (major emphasis on VERY) few things that can get me out of bed at 6:30 on a saturday morning. however... cross point church's serving saturday's are definitely one of the reasons i am willing to drag myself out of bed. this fabulous saturday we rounded up nearly 700 volunteers & had the opportunity to spread out through various ministry sites including: mending hearts, lighthouse ministries, & preston taylor ministries. the culmination of it all was a family friendly block party! free for everyone, it was a great way to thank our volunteers, and to spread some love in preston taylor neighborhood. here are a few images from this wonderful, hot day of ministry, love, "& then some!"

the absolutely heavenly "hit & miss" ice cream. bradley freeman owns the portable company, and makes all his ice cream in old school, wooden bucket makers, turned by a john deere!

 the mo-town cover band 24/7 band was a perfect summer day beat.

bill and his crew from "nashville high lift" are amazing grillers, and provided incredible food for nearly a thousand people. they worked tirelessly from early this morning until we cleaned up around 3. we are so thankful for their heart for ministry!

i LOVE to see our youth jumping into ministry with their whole hearts! thanks lindsey!

bellevue's campus pastor, justin davis and 2 of his kids!

for more images, check out crosspoint.tv's flickr!

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