18 April 2012

time for an update

wow! it's been ages since i've posted! ok, maybe not ages...but 2 months definitely feels like ages!

it blows me away how crazy and busy life can become, if you're not careful. it's super easy to put something off, and then never get it finished!

a quick update on our lives...

in the middle of March we went to the land of "la dolce vita" (italy) with our dear friends david & carey. and the sweet life, it certainly was! we spent almost two weeks exploring Venice, Florence, Rome, and the Cinque Terre. it was incredible! truly the trip of a lifetime. I'm working on a longer post, with some photos...but who knows when that will be done! ;)

the couple of days right before trip I had a couple of newborn shoots. (another post to be finished, and published)

Pastor Boy's parents were in town last week, it was a great time to hang with family! we hiked, and canoed, and cooked, and shopped...a great spring break for them!

in 2 weekends, carey and i are throwing a fabulous baby shower for our sweet friend Miranda, and her precious baby boy. i'm really excited! can't wait to share all the fun details of that!

tonight, we have UNITED. at CrossPoint.tv #cpstudents we have a quarterly event where all the students (6th-12th grades) at all the campuses get together for a big series kickoff. tonight starts a series called CRAVE...its about filling the voids in life with what you're truly craving...as opposed to what you THINK you're craving.

ok, off to work on that Italy post! wish me luck!


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