20 August 2010

...little miss sunshine...

ok...i have to start with this photo...its just too hilarious!

...now for the real post!

i am adopted.

most people who know me, know this little fact about me. i have never been shy about it. i have never tried to hide it. i, actually, happen to be proud of it. a couple years ago, my birthmom (jen) found me. we emailed back and forth and finally decided to meet. we spent hours walking San Juan Capistrano, chatting about anything and everything. really just catching up on the last 21 years. we try to see each other at least every few months now. during Christmas time last year, hubby and i met jen, her man, her sister jocelyn, jocelyn's hubby dan, and their baby, sheridan. we all got along so well! it was fun to chat about the similarities and differences in our lives. well, last week, i learned that jocelyn, dan, and sheridan were going to be in san diego. we all made a point to get together and catch up in san clemente. we met for a delicious dinner of pizza overlooking the beach, and then, i had the privilege of capturing sheridan's first experience at the beach! here are a few of my faves!

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