20 August 2010


a few weeks ago, at the irvine spectrum, an event took place. this was an event of epic ideas, incredible sales numbers, and authentically unique artists. hubby and i stopped by to check it out, and here is what we found...

i don't know if you're familiar with toms shoes, but they are an incredible company! toms shoes was started by a guy with a vision to change the world. one pair of shoes at a time. toms is known as a one-for-one company. when you buy a pair of toms (or a t-shirt, hat, sweatshirt, necklace...etc), you are essentially buying two pairs of shoes...one goes home with you, and the other is stockpiled to be sent to children in 3rd world countries with no shoes. a pretty amazing concept! although toms has become a bit of a fashion statement (no, i still don't have a pair...if you'd like to donate...i wear a 9), the heartbeat behind the origin still runs strong. at this GIVE event, 20-ish artists came together to customize the toms that people purchased.

these happen to be my favorite that i saw that day...created by none other than j*'s sister, alexandria

yes, i would encourage everyone i know to go out and buy a pair of toms...they are about more than just the fashion, the trend, or the customize-ability. they are about saving childrens lives...

thanks toms!

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