02 December 2010

back it on up...

i'm going to start back-tracking. in no particular order. i have way too many events, people, places, and random things photographed not to start playin some catch up.

someday, i'll get to our 36 hour road trip out here with our dearest friends, but alas...tonight is far too short for a post that is certain to be as long-winded and image filled as that one.

how about halloween...

this year, halloween looked a little bit different for us. most of our friends here (in Nashville) are a step ahead of us in the process of life...meaning they all have children. and not just one. most have 3, some have 4, a couple have 2, but NO ONE has 1. if they do, its cuz they have a baby, and havent gotten to #2 yet. a very interesting phenomenon from the view of an only child. :) moving beyond my awe. some amazing friends of ours, the davis', had a group of people over to take kiddos trick-or-treating, eat dinner, and gorge on sinfully addicting packages of processed sugar and cheap chocolate. oh...and fellowship! a few fabulous Cross Point Staff, and surrogate cp-ers- the davis boys, the whittaker crew (minus carlos), the brewster gang, lindsey nobles, pastor boy, and i had the privilege of just being in community on halloween...with 10 running a muck, of course. i didn't shoot much, light was gone quickly, and yall know how much i hate flash...but here's a glimpse into the night of costumes, fun, and friends...

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  1. we're a fertile bunch here in nashville! :)

    and isn't that losiah a heartbreaker? we love that kid.