02 December 2010

weeds and pigtails...

a couple weeks after we moved here, mandy called and was headed out to shoot her 3 amazing daughters, of course i never turn down the opportunity to hang with these amazing girls, so i grabbed my camera and joined them. i love these girls. don't misunderstand me...their parents are awesome too! Alivia, Claire, and Presley are 3 of the sweet young women i know. i have loved spending time with their family. the way pastor boy and i so easily slid into the rowland family is a true testament to how incredible they are! we moved here, and almost without an instant of loneliness they pulled us in. for movie nights, and dinners, and card games. for grocery store trips, and shopping, and grabbing a birthday card. it was amazing to be brought in to a family so easily. these 3 girls already almost feel like my little sisters. presley is the cutest little thing EV-ER! (although i am constantly reminded by her sisters that i don't have to live with her, and shes equal parts cute and baby sister) alivia and claire have me blown away by their maturity and love for Jesus. they. just. get. it. they aren't afraid to worship in all out surrender to God. they treat people (including each other and their parents, well...most days) as He would. i love them!

i didn't even mention that they are incredibly talented knot/crochet- ers! :) i love to watch them, and can't wait for them to teach me!

despite the nasty light, this is one of my favorites...

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