25 March 2011

...flea market friday :: nashville vintage

the last weekend every month, nashville has a fabulous flea market at the controversial fairgrounds. i mean like buildings full of stuff! some of it (mostly inside the buildings) is very swap meet-esque...you know the stuff, cheap sunglasses, homemade breads, knock-off designer handbags, etc... but once you get past all that, toward the back of the grounds, there are huge permanent awnings - that is where the good stuff is. from old suitcase, to barn wood planks, from vintage church pews to dirty bottles, from funky old toys to broken cameras....it's all there.

and of course...it happens to be my favorite weekend of every month! in my utopia we would wake up super early on the last friday of the month, make a breakfast stop at starbucks and head over to the fairgrounds where we would spend a good part of our day and find tons of vintage, relatively inexpensive stuff that helps turn our house into our home... but like i said...that is the utopian version. in reality, we usually don't wake up early on friday, partially because it's z's day off & partially because we're usually up late thursday nights. then we tend to putz around the house for a little while. eventually we'll get to starbucks, but not before noonish. when we finally get to flea market...who knows how many awesome finds are already headed home with their new owners! but there is always plenty left to choose from. we usually take a certain amount in cash, which depends on our budget and don't spend anymore than that. cash makes it easy to know exactly how much you have to spend, and can give you a bit of a bargaining tool as well. and often, i will go with a few certain things in mind that i hope to find. sometimes i've even gotten away without spending anything!

February's flea market was a total success, and we got away without even spending the entire amount of allotted cash!  here's what we found...

each bottle was only a couple bucks...i'll show you what i did with them in another post
 these two night stands were very unique, but pretty nasty looking...but we didn't have any, and at 2 for $35 it was totally worth the time for a re-do...again for another post

 this old door was only $25, AND it still had the original hardware! way cool! i gave it a good sanding, and its hanging out against the wall in my dining room for the moment!

 if you haven't figured it out, i'm a sucker for vintage...pretty much anything vintage. this suitcase was in awesome shape, inside and out! it'll be a great prop for a baby shoot...not to mention a perfect addition to my other two suitcases!

i just love old worn-out books. often they'll have cool old photographs tucked between pages...which is a total bonus! @ only $5 for the 3, they were a steal!
that was last month's flea market! i can't wait to show off what i found today! check back next friday!

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