30 March 2011

why not diy? : wednesday : nightstands


nightstands have been two very hard-to-find pieces of furniture! they're all either too formal, or too blah, or...most importantly...too expensive! we bought a couple of nightstands at ikea as temporary pieces, until we found some we loved. i've been scouring craigslist daily. every trip to the flea market i've been on the lookout. shoot...i've even been watching curbs as i drive by! just in case, of course!

february's flea market brought cold weather, and great finds! we stumbled upon these too nightstands in someone's lot. they were marked for $25 each, but the guy (without any prompting) said "i'll give ya both for $35." sweet! but man, they were nasty! one had a big chunk of duct tape on a side, the veneer on the tops of both was peeling off, and the color was like moldy-bread-green. GROSS! and the handles were metal, but hollow, and had all kinds of nasties up inside.

of course they don't look too terrible in the photo...

so hubby and i chipped off the remaining pieces of veneer, unscrewed the handles, and went after 'em with the sander, and of course some good ol' fashioned elbow grease!


the sir watched rather dubiously while z & i worked. he couldn't understand why we wouldn't throw his ball for him all day long! plus, z made me a delicious lemon concoction!


then, it was time for paint! since the rest of our bedroom furniture is a creamy white, we went with the same on these. but they were a paint to paint! i took sandpaper to the edges, and a worked on "vintage-ing" them up a bit. 

 ta-da! i found some great pulls at hobby lobby the other day, and put them on this morning, one of these days i'll get a photo of them totally complete, and next to our bed!

**btw...i don't know WHAT is going on with my photo alignment...but it's driving me crazy! i'll work on fixing it!

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