28 April 2011

...flea market friday april :: nashville vintage (tuesday edition)

i know, i know...i'm a few days late...or early, i guess.. but look at this!

isn't this the cutest!? every post is made better by a cute animal! 

a couple weeks ago we went to the nashville flea market...again (where i met this black mountain cur puppy). :) This time, we were on the hunt for something specific but here are a few fun items we found along the way...

if i had endless amounts of cash, & there were tons of these...i totally would have bought them, and lined my back deck with them...
the coolest old dollhouse EV-ER! too bad we don't have kids...yet! this would be a great up-cycle family project!
majorly in love with this sign! if i had massively tall ceilings this would have been AMAZING in my hypothetical enormous craft studio above a huge bay window! thats hypothetically speaking of course!!
super cool old crates! i loved the unique "choc-ola" stamp! the vendor wanted waaaayyy too much for them though!
o-o-o-o-o-o-ohhhhh the overalls... never seen me more over-alls (on men) anywhere besides the nashville flea market...and some over-all wearer has MASSIVE wedgies! its really kinda funny! and it cannot be comfortable!
sweet old follow spot...

yummm!!! fresh produce!

meet carl...he worked for the vendor i bought my new coffee table from! definitely a "good 'ol boy!"

and this...is my fabulous new coffee table!! it was an industrial cart, probably used in an old furniture factory. but now, its home is my living room! i'm so so so so excited! i love this look, and have been searching for one for months! places like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Z-Gallerie have carried them...but in those stores, they run between $700 & $1500!! can you imagine!?! Even at the flea market, they are hard to find in good condition for under $300(because the vendors know their value!), but i held out & snagged one for even less! i'm totally smitten with its worn boards, massive center wheels, and unique metal band that runs lengthwise! mine is taller than most, and in great shape!

can you say "enamored?" 0:)
then i found a FAB vintage fan...and the best part...it still works!
the cord was in rough shape,

and the blades needed some major 409 help...so logically, i disassembled the whole thing!
i cleaned all the pieces, and wrapped the entire cord with electrical tape, that'll do...at least until i have time to replace it.

i'm ALWAYS adding to my vintage book collection...and these were only $2 each!

plus, i found some awesome extras in them! from names, to primary school assignments dated back to the early 1920's!

can you imagine paying $0.68 for a text book?
this cool frame was also a great find... i loved the unique 3 panes, and the rustic-ness of it!
you know you're a photographer when....

                                               ...even your dog sets up framing for you

on another note: we planted peonies when mom & daddy were here! so pretty! i can't wait til they're in full bloom!
z was tired after a long day of flea-marketing & fire-wood chopping!


  1. you have such an amazing eye! love getting to "go along" on your flea market trip through your photos!

  2. thanks ash! :) its really fun!