14 September 2011

claudia :: nashville newborn photographer

i know, i know...i'm behind in blogging...again. shocker.

sometimes life moves too fast for me to blog about it. its almost as though if i sit down to blog about it, i miss the next thing. i was THAT kid. the one who was always the last one to fall asleep at sleepovers, because i was worried about missing something. i rarely can fall asleep watching a movie...cuz heaven forbid i miss part of it! in all honesty, it would be good for me to blog consistently, it would force me to slow down! ugh, maybe someday i'll get there. in the mean time, here a few catch up posts!

i got a call from a potential client wanting to do a newborn shoot. the baby was 2 weeks old, awesome! we set it up for the following week. later that evening her father-in-law passed away, and the next day they were on their way to his home, a few states away. talk about a crazy juxtaposition of life stages... it was heartbreaking! we rescheduled the shoot for another week, and when they got home, it was a welcome reprieve from the grieving process.  we had some much fun trying to get the sweet baby to sleep! she is so very precious!

meet claudia!

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