14 September 2011

a southern experience

labor day.

all past labor day celebrations have usually consisted of family birthday parties for my grammy & me (and more recently, zach too), since we are the September birthdays of the family. however, this year was different. very, very different. after moving to nashville, our lives have turned upside down, in most ways for the better. but there are still those moments when it feels like it was for the worse. i gotta admit, i was a little nervous about labor day, i was fairly certain we would wind up on our couch, all by ourselves, and i would be a mess. HOWEVER...our amazing friends saved us from that dreadful fate! instead, we spent labor day weekend in jackson, mississippi with 2 of our dearest friends experiencing all things southern! 

we met david & carey in our small group from crosspoint.tv and were instant friends! they have 2 boxer/mix female pups, and we trade dog sitting back and forth (honestly, they watch our boys, far more often than the girls need it). the 8 of us (including the dogs) are fast friends, and i can't imagine life without them! carey is from mississippi, and asked if we wanted to join them for the weekend. it truly was a stereotypical southern weekend, we shot skeet, and had a fish fry, and rummaged through the junk in one of the back pastures, the dogs chased cows, i pet a cow, the dogs swam in the cow pond, and we worked on a bathroom re-do for her mom! it was a fabulous weekend! here are a few images from the weekends adventures!

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