21 September 2011

zachary turns 28 :: nashville event photographer

september 9

that date has held importance for the last 11 years of my life. why? you ask? well,  z's birthday! and yes, even when we weren't talking for 4 years, i made a mental note on september 9 that it was z's bday. kinda crazy! i can't believe we've been together for 4 years already! this year, i wanted to do something a little different for his birthday. 

our life in nashville would not be nearly as amazing without a few close friends, so of course my plan had to include them! jason & miranda, david and carey, and jarrod & laura . 

ever since we've been here we have heard about kix brooks' (of brooks & dunn) vineyard out in the country. it's about a 30 min drive from nashville, and incredibly beautiful, or so i'd heard!  they have "music in the vines" on friday nights, free wine tasting, and a bunch of picnic tables where you can bring food to enjoy the atmosphere.

so, unbeknownst to z, i raided trader joe's cheese department, put together a bag of supplies and dropped it off at miranda's a couple days before the big event. i really wanted to pull this off without him knowing!  

we spent the morning lazily, in the early afternoon we went the mall, and z bought himself a few birthday presents (he's far too picky these days for me to try to pick out clothes for him...so he gets his own). then we meandered through the farms bewteen franklin and arrington, as we headed toward the vineyard.

these are just a few iphone photos along the way

 here's the spread, the crew, and the memories! enjoy!

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