10 September 2010

...some beach

it was a perfect hazy Friday morning.

we had been talking about taking sir paddington to the beach, and a week ago was the perfect day to do it! we all jumped in the truck, and headed to dog beach. the one between Newport, and Huntington...you know, right where the river goes under pch, and out into the ocean? it's an off-leash beach. so we grabbed chipotle to-go, sat on a bench at the edge of the sand and observed the butt-sniffing extravaganza before us. as i crinkled my last bit of foil, the good sir was finished waiting patiently, and practically pulled me off the bench.

we walked down to the ocean (p was still on a leash...i'll admit, we were a little nervous about just letting him run wild because he's quite a bit stronger than other dogs) to see how he would react to the waves. it was hilarious! he chased them, almost like a small child would, with inexplicable fascination, and thrill. he attempted to bite them, then quickly resorted to lapping up copious quantities of salt water. (i don't recommend this...it definitely messes with their digestive system...and they wind up with rather wet poo)then, our lovable pooch decided he was going to run...still on leach, mind you...and run he did!! towing z behind him! i was having a hard time shooting (with a camera, of course), because my laughter was NEARLY uncontrollable! Paddy was dragging dad through the waves, across the sand and then yanking him back again. the annoyance on z's face was clear, but he knew our puppy was having way too much fun to really care. we threw the ball for him to catch...i would definitely kill to have hops like that in sand!

we eventually let him off the leash, and he was ecstatic! so ecstatic, in fact, that he took off running...and kept running, and running, and running. finally about 4 lifeguard towers later, way past the dog beach, he turned around and looked at z (who had been trying to catch him) as if to say, "aren't you coming?" then trotted back as if nothing had happened.
we were more worn out than the sir after a couple hours, so we practically dragged him out of the water, and trekked back to the truck, as salty, and sandy as they come...

..and just like with children, we went home, and the good sir promptly got a bath.

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